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February 2012 slow start, and then gains momentum!

Feb 4, pumps out 2 Avalon wreck dives on DiverCity. Vis and temps were sweet for the winter month. Big fish all over, sand bass, lingcod! Dives were in lower 70s depth range, for 35 mins each dive with temps lower 50s, viz 15+. Found another hoop net bringing the total to 5 in the last 5 dives. Hardcore divers: Jim, Jeff, Paul, Brian, and one other guy.

Feb 19, Night dive shot in the dark at Malibu Big Rock shore dive, having never been there and not much research on the location of the reefs, we just assumed it’d be in line with the point, went out to 30ft and then headed west to cross the point line. Never found nothing but sand, and more sand. Not much to see, an occasional baby lingcod, hundreds of baby halibut, coming back in we spent time in the 10ft depths around Big Rock seen bunch of short bugs, and one huge rock fish.
Diver: Ed, Jeff and Brian.

Feb 22, 23,aboard DiverCity Honeymoom Cove Reefs get some fishing pressure by the sureshots.
22nd was Jim, Brian with only some bugs, a old weightpouch.
23rd was Jim, Trevor (Scuba Chef, who’s new column is in California Diving News,) Tony of Dive N Surf, and Brad! Only a lingcod, and sand bass made it to the sacks. Wind picked up and DiverCity headed back! Viz was close to 10ish.

Feb 25,26 is going to be DiverCity Palowan dives on Saturday, and it’s open for the 26th!! Nice times ahead!

January 2012 Dives in progress

2010 and 2011 posted dives are deep in files. We’re working to recover those. Stats on 2010 were 33 dive trips=135 dives. 2011 slammed 49 dive trips=122 dives!!
2012 breaks open with January 1 dives in the Redondo Canyon! January 15th Research collection dives for for their reefing of Santa Monica Bay projects.

Dropping in 120

Knot Yet captain Jim takes us to exact coordinates to record accurate depths, get bottom composition samples,

Clean bottom.

and record marinelife species! Nailed the dives, then went to Star of Scotland to round out the day!

Greenling Eggs Kielbasa Grand-Slam Scramble

Greenling Eggs Kielbasa Grand-Slam Scramble w/out almonds

Fresh sustainable green lingcod fillets, use 2 4oz to 8oz slabs rinsed and very lightly salted, peppered and again very lightly sprinkled with corn meal (or high grade wheat breadcrumbs)
2 extra large brown, green or blue ranch eggs
2-4 inches of Kielbasa sausage diced thick
2-3 fresh cabbage leaves sliced long 1″ wide, either chinese or dense green cabbage
1/2 green bell pepper diced course
1/2-1 choped white onion
4 garlic chopped chunky course
1 palm-full of raw sundried almonds
4 sundried(hot)de Arbol peppers broken up
pepper course grind
cornmeal (or breadcrumbs)
olive oil to cover the pan generously
butter 2 thick pats salted or unsalted

Greenling Eggs Kielbasa Grand-Slam Scramble
Greenling Eggs Kielbasa Grand-Slam Scramble
Greenling Eggs Kielbasa Grand-Slam Scramble

Heat large heavy cast iron skillet over medium to high heat, add olive oil and 2 pats of butter,
when melted and sizzling add cabbage, onions, green pepper garlic and peppers until slightly cooked appearance, turn over.
Make a space and add fish and almonds and kielbasa, after only a few minutes depending on preference carfully turn fish and everything over, and make 2 separate spaces and crack the eggs in(salt and pepper eggs.)
Cook eggs until an over medium turn can be made, when the eggs are done, remove from heat, you can mix up the whole thing then in the pan to make a scramble, separate equal portions of fish eggs and sauteed veggies. Serves 2 happy divers! Also can be used to supercharge a morning before dives! Have with one cup of high quality espresso.

“WARNING!” Because of the slam packed dose of nutrients all at once, this dish is rated a 10. Do not consume more than 2 times a month, to prevent an all out addiction, to which there is no cure.

Greenling Eggs Kielbasa Grand-Slam Scramble